The Inter-Galactic Buzz Lightyear toy! This is the one your kid wants, stop dilly-doling and go and get it. From the minute he was exposed to this inter-galactic star the kid needed to have it. The movie was explosive on all fronts, and as a Disney-Pixar adventure, it definitely broke out in a big way. This movie opened it up and made all the other hits possible.  Do you need to buy one of these? Start here!

Movies like Cars, Monsters Inc., Toy Story 2, the Incredibles, and most recently Disney’s Up! None of those movies however, ever pulled out a star quite like Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story. There was something so lovable about the fact that he actually believed that he was an Inter-Galactic Space Ranger, when in actuality he was a toy. Maybe the younger kids could not relate with that type of comedy, but to those that didn’t get it, they felt sad for him earning him just as much sympathy and quite the following.

Buzz Lightyear toys are produced to this day, even though the movie premiered in 1995. The character became a hero overnight and 14 years or so later, he continues to be one of the most sought after toys from the famed movie. The original version at one point was commanding a 65% mark-up on eBay. Now you can basically pick and choose your Buzz Lightyear Toy at any of the Walt Disney World outlet stores or the premier mall stores. The outlet stores are located in most of the major larger malls. The standard version, which is pictured here and runs about $29.99, comes with at least 4 different sounds from the blaster laser, to his Star Fleet Commands, to his ultimate proclamation; ” I Am Buzz Lightyear, I Come In Peace”…If you need anymore information please feel free to contact me at, enjoy…Don’t forget to take a shot to get one for free…Start here!