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Is The Buzz Lightyear Toy The Hottest Selling Of The Walt Disney World Toys?

As parents ponder the purchases of upcoming toys for their children during the holidays, many parents turn to Disney. This is the time of the year that plenty of gifts get purchased and none are more pure and innocent as the Walt Disney World toys from their great Pixar movie line. None sells more than the Buzz Light-year toy from the Toy Story movies. In fact this is a constant toy all throughout the Disney World theme parks, as well as the Disneyland theme parks.

They really come in so many different forms, that there seems to always be a new one. As far as intergalactic and interactive toys go. They hit this one so out of the ballpark it just is not funny. But the top selling toy as far as the Walt Disney World magic goes, is none other than everyone’s favorite mouse, Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Mouse Is Tops!

When people relate anything to the Magic Kingdom and Walt Disney, they always think big, and then small as in mouse small as they recall the fond memories that Mickey Mouse has no doubt filled so many different families with. I know that mine has many fond memories about trips to Walt Disney World, and Mickey Mouse.

With so much exposure on the Disney channel, Mickey is always going to be a tough act to follow. But the Toy Story line characters have been admirable in their staying power and the story line is one that is sure to be beloved by many, many generations to come. Buzz Light-year is the most popular selling toy from the line of characters that include Woody, Jessie, Bulls-eye, Mr. Potato Head, and others.

The Buzz Lightyear toy is a constant toy on the lists of kids everywhere especially those that experience the movie for the first time. Now with over 35 different variations of that toy, varying sizes, colors and modes of entertainment it has the potential to maintain its high selling profile for the Walt Disney World company. There may be more variations out there so if you believe that my count is off please feel free to contact me and I will update the post. Enjoy free shipping on many items from the Disney store in upcoming new banners leading up to the holidays. Thanks for reading.

The Buzz Lightyear Toy

So what is all the Buzz-Lightyear? Buzz, I mean Toy Story buzz. You know the kind that involves the famous Buzz Lightyear toy. The Intergalactic wonder himself. In the new Toy Story III movie. We would have to ask Woody from Toy Story as well. As they are all back for another go around. New comer, Michael Keaton does the voice over for the Barbie gentleman, Ken. Buy the Buzz Lightyear toy at Target, or anywhere else where the Disney line is sold.

In this third movie from the Walt Disney World Pixar group, Woody from Toy Story, played by Tom Hanks again, and the rest of the gang get dumped in a Day Care after Andy goes off the college and the fun begins there. As with the last few Walt Disney Pixar movies, the movie will also be released in 3-D. I just watched Disney’s G-Force in 3-D and it was very well done, like all of the Disney movies. It will be fun to watch the Toy Story gang in 3-D, as they attempt to get out of the Day Care. Release date for this Epic animated, and much anticipated film is Summer of 2010.

For all you Buzz Lightyear toy fans, both Toy Story 1 and 2 are headed back to big screen October 2nd, 2009 and February 12th, 2010, respectively. With a complete digital 3D makeover, which is called Disney Digital 3-D. The films will be an audience primer for Disney-Pixar’s digital 3D Toy Story 3, which will hit the big screen on June 18th, 2010. Not bad, this move gives a new generation of Toy Story fans to watch them all in the movie theaters, and in 3-D for those that want to spend the few extra bucks. I can tell you that Disney 3-D, is worth it. Till next post, like Buzz always says…”To Infinity and Beyond”  Get ready for the third movie, coming out soon.

The Super Galactic Buzz Lightyear Toy

The Super Galactic Buzz Lightyear Toy, the space ranger with pizazz, and style. The one toy your kids can play with for light year after light year. I must say it is never too early for Christmas or Holiday shopping as far as I am concerned.  Want to buy this toy?

With the new Toy Story 3 movie soon to be released, the love affair with the space ranger will soon come full circle, from that first Walt Disney World – Pixar gem, that first debuted in 1995. Sure with Woody and the other cast regulars, the popularity wealth can be shared, but lets face it, our kids know who the real star of these movies is.

The Buzz Lightyear doll features all the cool toys that boys in particular which they could be. I could not keep enough of them for my two boys. I will tell you this, for the money you pay they are durable toys. I can tell you my kids really put his flying abilities to the test. This hard shelled plastic toy will give you your monies worth. Of the Disney/Pixar films, this film gave kids one neat imagination, while playing with their toys. The movie was made a success instantly with kids everywhere. The Disney/Pixar films continued to enjoy success with the Incredibles, and the Monsters Inc. film, but none of those captured the imaginations of kids everywhere like Toy Story. The Buzz Lightyear toy came equipped with multi-sound making buttons that gave his imaginary flights that true to life sound-effect that made kids feel the energy.

Of course being the collector of cool things that I am, I put a few of them away for my boys so when they get older, they can share that same feeling with their kids. Call me mushy for sentiment, but the movie gave me a cool experience with my kids, and I am here to write about it. Thanks Buzz Lightyear!

The Inter-Galactic Buzz Lightyear Toy

The Inter-Galactic Buzz Lightyear toy! This is the one your kid wants, stop dilly-doling and go and get it. From the minute he was exposed to this inter-galactic star the kid needed to have it. The movie was explosive on all fronts, and as a Disney-Pixar adventure, it definitely broke out in a big way. This movie opened it up and made all the other hits possible.  Do you need to buy one of these? Start here!

Movies like Cars, Monsters Inc., Toy Story 2, the Incredibles, and most recently Disney’s Up! None of those movies however, ever pulled out a star quite like Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story. There was something so lovable about the fact that he actually believed that he was an Inter-Galactic Space Ranger, when in actuality he was a toy. Maybe the younger kids could not relate with that type of comedy, but to those that didn’t get it, they felt sad for him earning him just as much sympathy and quite the following.

Buzz Lightyear toys are produced to this day, even though the movie premiered in 1995. The character became a hero overnight and 14 years or so later, he continues to be one of the most sought after toys from the famed movie. The original version at one point was commanding a 65% mark-up on eBay. Now you can basically pick and choose your Buzz Lightyear Toy at any of the Walt Disney World outlet stores or the premier mall stores. The outlet stores are located in most of the major larger malls. The standard version, which is pictured here and runs about $29.99, comes with at least 4 different sounds from the blaster laser, to his Star Fleet Commands, to his ultimate proclamation; ” I Am Buzz Lightyear, I Come In Peace”…If you need anymore information please feel free to contact me at, enjoy…Don’t forget to take a shot to get one for free…Start here!

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