As the holidays draw near, the number one gift on kid’s list everywhere are Disney Toys. The Magic of Disney World has mesmerized kids everywhere for years and years. I still have my original Mickey Mouse from a 1972 trip to Walt Disney World that my parents took me on from our home in Brooklyn NY.  In addition to the actual unused E-tickets from the early Disney World days in the 1970’s. Get Disney World merchandise today!

My kids have always loved the magic that all of these Disney World toys bring, and my home is full of them.  Also for Halloween, the customes have always been around in our home. Especially as babies when they do not have much of a choice. I especially love the tigger costumes. Now as they get older its the Mickey ears in the hundreds of varieties that they love and all of the funny shirts and other hats.

The best part of the magic of Walt Disney World is that you no longer have to go to Walt Disney World to get the official merchandise that kids love and adults love to give. Here is a short list of some of the most popular Disney toys over the last few years. Of course I base this on my kids likings, but these sentiments are shared by kids everywhere. So if you are looking for a short list of holiday items look no more. All of these are available on the Disney store.

  • The Buzz Lightyear toy
  • Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse
  • Cars 2 (especially Lightning McQueen and Tomator)
  • All of the Toy Story characters especially Woody and other friends
  • Pirates of the Caribbean toys
  • Goofy and Pluto toys

Everything else from bed dressings, to shirts and other fun stuff all from Walt Disney World. With the Magic of the Disney store, you do not need to go to the actual parks or any of the stores. You can shop for the Buzz Lightyear toy right from the comfort of your own home and many times even enjoy free shipping on most orders. Go holiday shopping right now and get the best deals on all of the Walt Disney World merchandise you want. Make many more dreams come true this holiday season.

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