The Super Galactic Buzz Lightyear Toy, the space ranger with pizazz, and style. The one toy your kids can play with for light year after light year. I must say it is never too early for Christmas or Holiday shopping as far as I am concerned.  Want to buy this toy?

With the new Toy Story 3 movie soon to be released, the love affair with the space ranger will soon come full circle, from that first Walt Disney World – Pixar gem, that first debuted in 1995. Sure with Woody and the other cast regulars, the popularity wealth can be shared, but lets face it, our kids know who the real star of these movies is.

The Buzz Lightyear doll features all the cool toys that boys in particular which they could be. I could not keep enough of them for my two boys. I will tell you this, for the money you pay they are durable toys. I can tell you my kids really put his flying abilities to the test. This hard shelled plastic toy will give you your monies worth. Of the Disney/Pixar films, this film gave kids one neat imagination, while playing with their toys. The movie was made a success instantly with kids everywhere. The Disney/Pixar films continued to enjoy success with the Incredibles, and the Monsters Inc. film, but none of those captured the imaginations of kids everywhere like Toy Story. The Buzz Lightyear toy came equipped with multi-sound making buttons that gave his imaginary flights that true to life sound-effect that made kids feel the energy.

Of course being the collector of cool things that I am, I put a few of them away for my boys so when they get older, they can share that same feeling with their kids. Call me mushy for sentiment, but the movie gave me a cool experience with my kids, and I am here to write about it. Thanks Buzz Lightyear!